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<---- This is me.

This is me flying upside down near Half Moon Bay, California.--->
I am flying a maneuver called a snap roll, executed at a modest speed
as an accelerated stall, but stalling one wing before the other
using the rudder to create yaw. The result is a quick horizontal
spin, like a maple seed falling sideways. The airplane is a 1968 Citabria 7ECA.

<--- This is my ranch back yard.

<---This is my ranch front yard in the springtime.`

Greetings, and welcome to my ranch and home in El Dorado County, California!

I am a Data Base Administrator for Oracle and other data base environments, and have been working in the Internet industry since 1991.

I enjoy rural living at my horse ranch in the Sierra Nevada foothills in El Dorado County, California, in the gold mining and winegrowing regions above Highway 49.

And then there's music, I am a musician have played and sang for 50 years now. I play guitars, banjo, piano, flute, saxophone, harmonicas and I sing!

And I enjoy horses and horse racing.

And for 32 years I have enjoyed flying airplanes, I am a private pilot.

And oh yes there are computers, the Internet and databases. Ah, life!

This personal web page was initially developed in 1991/1992 during the inception of the World Wide Web, the page was originally developed in html for the NCSA Mosaic web browser, which is what existed back then in the pre-Netscape era. Times are different now!

  • Internet

  • Aviation
    • Check out some of my general aviation aircraft flight reports and experiences in We Fly. I have been flying for 28 years now, I have a tailwheel endorsement, have done aerobatics and even homebuilding.
    • Links to Sport Aviation sites:

  • Music-Making

  • Horses
    • I have been involved with horses for years now, I have ten horses at home on the ranch, plus two at the race track getting ready for their first races. Check out the horse racing at Golden Gate Fields here in Northern California.
    • Occasionally we have need to find new homes for horses for one reason or another, one place that we use to find new horse owners is Kiss Horses, again here in Northern California.
    • Thoroughbred Race Horses are registered and the breed managed by the Jockey Club here in the United States.
    • Learn everything there is to know about horse racing at EquiBase.
    • Bet on any horse race in the world at BetAmerica.
    • Learn all about Quarter Horses at American Quarter Horse Association.

    Lee McGee (lee.mcgee@usa.net)


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